Machinery Hire

We have the following machines for hire to assist in vegetation mangement;

  • Terex PT 100G Rubber tracked compact loader with forestry mulching head, 4 in 1 bucket, heavy duty slasher, tree grab, boxthorn puller stump grinder.
  • Prinoth Raptor 300 steel tracked forestry mulcher.
  • Prinoth Raptor 800 steel tracked forestry mulcher.
  • Rayco Mulcher

These machines are very effective and efficient in a one pass operation that clears vegetation down to ground level, including stumps, leaving a layer of mulch on the ground which promotes pasture growth with minimal ground disturbance. This process minimises erosion. We are currently working on boxthorn, noxious woody weeds, black wattle, mimosa and regrowth. We have also worked these machines for selective clearing to improve the aesthetics of the surrounds.

Our 16H Cat Grader is for hire. Work we have done with the grader includes contours, water ponding, water spreading and fire breaks. We are proud supporters of Land care, and utilise our machines to help solve vegetation and erosion issues.

Contact us online today to discuss your requirements. 

Rayco Mulcher clearing prickly acacia weed and black wattle.



Rayco Mulcher clearing boxthorn weed.


Photos of our machinery for hire